If you tried logging on, and you checked the MOTD of the server, you should’ve came here.



Go here, look to the left.


Download the Launcher.exe, or .osx, or .jar, try .exe first


Login, select Tekkit from the dropdown menu, add the server,

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5 comments on “Tekkits?
  1. Babble18 says:

    Tell me, why is it that we are doing tekkit again?

  2. Mbmbmb98 says:


  3. Mbmbmb98 says:

    i feel the need to revive this site, jake we need to redo this shit, and erase all the old crap from servers past, or the ghosts will haunt us

    • Bergarbeiter says:

      Wow, for once I agree with Ian. I think that we need to open up the server more.
      More people, more plugins, and more server up time. Jake, even if no one is on at one point in time, it doesn’t mean nobody will want to go on soon. I promise I will assist in this if there is a need. Also, finally, we need a more player friendly experience. I mean, for god’s sake we don’t even have a proper spawn :P . I’m not saying we need to go creative to make the start more posh, and cushy, but I do think we should at least make the spawn a safe haven.

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